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SilverLink Senior Services provides guidance and resources (free of charge) when considering senior living options.

When to Call SilverLink Consulting Inc. for Senior Living Consultation

SilverLink Consulting Inc. provides knowledgeable advice on Independent Living, Assisted Living, In-Home Care, Memory Care, and many other resources. We also help military veterans receive benefits through the VA.

We offer assistance to you and your loved ones throughout the large spectrum of aging. Using a professional network, we offer advising services for in-home care, financial planning, dementia care education and so much more. All our advice is free for Seniors and their families.


While anytime is a good time to start planning for the future, we have created a list of signs to tell when it may be time to look at moving yourself or your loved one to a care facility.

Memory Loss
of Long-Term Memory
While occasionally forgetting short term memories (such as grocery items, new acquaintances’ names and recent events) is fairly common among seniors, long-term Memory such as the names of loved ones, stories that were told frequently or how to perform regular tasks is a symptom of Dementia.
Having a Recent Fall
or Tending to Fall Frequently
A fall can cause severe damage to the body of a senior citizen and accounts for 87% of fractures reported in patients age 65 and over. The National Council on Aging reports that 65% of seniors that fall will do so again within the next 6 months. In addition, many falls go unreported at home or seniors are not forthcoming in seeking medical treatment for a fall.
Fear of Being Left Alone
for Periods of Time
There are a variety of reasons a senior may fear being left alone. If this is an issue, we recommend looking into care options quickly as this is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome at home.
Are you Having Difficulties
Preparing Meals or Other Housekeeping Necessities?
Many senior care communities will cook, clean and do laundry if requested or necessary.

Are you Concerned with Inability to Correctly Self-Medicate?

The 2 primary functions of many care facilities are to observe and assist as needed. This includes the management of medications.

Seniors Lose Ability or Desire to Drive

Many communities have transportation options available and can take you to appointments, shopping and even offer regular trips to various restaurants and activities to promote independence and increased mental health.

Recent Hospitalization

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